My experience with Seamless Tape Hair Extensions

After years of searching for a type of Hair extensions that can be applied at home I came across Seamless Tape Hair Extensions last year. As a hair extension lover, I have quested to find a type of hair extension that had 100% human hair, excellent hair extensions quality, was priced so a normal person can afford hair extensions and that the hair extensions can be applied quickly and by a friend in the privacy of my home!

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How seamless tape hair extensions work!

I was first informed about seamless or tape hair extensions from a reader who was an early adopter who tried them and loved them and wrote to me to tell me about them. Because I am also a daring woman who loves hair I gave it a shot. For someone used to paying literally thousands of dollars for great length bonded hair extensions I was a little hesitant to try something so new, something that sounded a little like glue in hair extension and something that was so affordable.

The fact I had a great reader who swore the quality was A+ and that her sister applied them in 30 min I was eager to see for my self. The idea of do it yourself hair extensions is brilliant. They said it takes 30 min to apply only 15 min to take out, they last up to 6 months and all for under$300 for an entire hair extension kit.


How to put in Seamless Tape Hair Extensions

The seamless tape extension I got cam with an entire hair extension kit that had everything you needed in it. It had 3 bundles of seamless extensions, the tape bond, the remover and a hair powder plus the instructional DVD. My mother and I watched the DVD and did what they showed in the DVD. My mom parted my hair and simply placed the tape hair extensions in place and repeated the steps until it was finished. Each seamless hair extension bundle comes with 5 strips and it took less than 30 min to put all 15 in.

After that she trimmed the extra hair becuase it was 20 in remy tape hair extensions and I looked in the mirror and hugged my mom. To think anyone can do this and save thousands of dollars and get amazing, lush, beautiful hair extensions for under $300 is a blessing. Thank you!

All in all it is process I would recommend. The Seamless Hair Extensions are affordable, easy to apply, take out and are simply beautiful!


  1. Befitnes

    Thank you so much. Your experience helped me… I’ll try the seamless hair extensions from! it really sounds like they are a step ahead of the rest. Will send results to you when I am finished trying out my new seamless hair extensions.

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  3. they last up to 6 months.

    I want to discuss with you the last time. I think it is true last 3-6 months. But it seems the double-side tape could not last more than one month. When the tape hair extensions fall down, you need the new double-side tape replacement.

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    • This is a great hair extensions review site. My wife showed it to me and we ended up ordering some clip in hair extensions from one of the companies you reviewed. I will have my wife send you an email about the clip in hair extensions review when they arrive. I own a lawn mower reviews site and would love to get some feedback if you can.

    • The idea that Glamour hair extensions are not as good as Simply Extensions is crazy. Glamour hair extensions have been around for years. They helped pioneer the glue in hair extensions and some of the older clip in hair extensions. How can you think that Simply Extensions clip on hair extensions can be better just becuase they are lighter, cheaper and have smaller clips.

    • I don’t understand how so many hair stylists can be wrong? Great lengths hair extensions created the hair extensions market. How can you say that these new companies with their clip in hair extensions and easy to apply seamless hair extensions could have the same quality hair. It is impossible! Great lengths cost so much because of the quality of the hair and skill required to apply those hundreds of bonded keratin hair extensions. Simply applying a few strips of hair is not the same at all.

      • Ladybelle

        They can say they are better than great lengths for a number of reasons.
        I have had several different types of hair extensions including great lengths three times by 3 different top notch stylist. I know how of care for them
        And infect I’m very careful and particular. Each time I got them taken out there was damage done
        Resulting in a hair cut. Some more significant than than others but at least having to cut to chin length. Once there wasn’t any resurrecting it and my hair had to be cut and ended up being a short pixie cut, mix of sienna millers short style after her rolls as Edie sedgeeick in factory girl & kiera knighkeys short style with the long side swept bangs.a

        As mentioned before j have had several types of hair Extensions, all top quality and different application styles and GREAT LENGTHS ARE BY FAR THE WORST!

      • I have tried the Jessica Simpson hair extensions and can say the hair quality is poor. They say 100% remy human hair but I do not believe it. My clip in extension did not last 3 months and you can see the difference in the sheen of the hairdo extensions. Would not recommend them t others,
        Sally from Memphis

      • I thank you humbly for sharing your wisdom JJWY

      • Thanks a lot for your recommendation. The Seamless Hair Extensions sound like excellent value for their quality.

    • I really enjoyed the look of this hair extensions reviews and testimonials website. We own a North Miami pizza delivery company and are big fans of clip in hair extensions.

  5. Nicola

    How much are the clip in hair extensions and the seamless hair extensions?

  6. I have a riding lawnmower reviews site and thought we could trade a link. Love your hair extensions reviews site.

    • I purchased some glam hair extensions. Do you have any glam hair extensions reviews. I bought them and the colo9r was way off. I tried to return them and they wanted to change me a lot of money. Would not recommend glam hair extensions.

  7. When you say they last 3 – 6 months (a someone said) does that mean taking them off every night or do you keep them on permanently until they are damaged or the tape is worn? great info!

    • Ella, that is a great question. I always recommend taking off clip in hair extensions or clip on hair extensions every night before sleep. It can be a bit cumbersome to do so when you are out on a hot date but they will last for years! I have had one set from Simply Extensions for almost 2 years and they still like brand new.

      If you sleep with clip in extensions on they will not last as long. For Seamless hair extensions you do sleep with them and you do not even notice wearing them really. They last 3-6 months depending on a few things and they are great as well.

      It really depends on if you like to change it u p and don’t mind taking them out at night,

  8. how long did they last please and how often did you wash your hair? please email me

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. I was wondering how’s the hair quality from simplyextensions site? Does it turn dull after many washes? Can u curl or style them and they’re still looking healthy? Oh one more thing, can you put your hair in a ponytail with this seamless method?

    • I have found that the clip on hair extensions last as long as you take care of them from Simply. The seamless hair extensions lasted about 3 months and yes they eventually started to turn a bit duller. I wash my hair twice a day though. I know some women wash much less. I also live in Florida and get in the pool and ocean which makes them last less. I overall love them. Give them a shot and write a review please.

  10. hi! thanx for the review! I would like to purchase the tape in extensions from the site, but would like to know, how long did they really last? and the overall quality of the hair extensions, Did they get dry or ugly? Please respond! thankuuuu

    • Ash,

      The tape lasts at least 2 months unless you mistreat it. They give a DVD with instruction on how to maintain it and they also offer re taping kits that are very affordable.

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  12. I’ve been pretty interested in seamless hair extensions and clip-on hair extensions for years, however I’ve been quite frightened of spending that much money on something that may, ultimately, look awful on me! I have very fine hair, although I do have a lot of it. I’ve always wanted long, wavy hair but in reality, it starts to look flat and limp after a certain point!
    Would you recommend the seamless extensions from simplyextensions for those with thin hair? Or is this something only for people who already have thick hair?
    Thank you for any suggestions for my problem!

    • Serena,

      I personally have used SimplyExtensions for over 2 years and still have the clip in hair extensions and they look great. They are affordable for their quality and are easily the equal of the overpriced great length or socap hair extensions