Are Glam Hair Extensions Myth or Just Hype?

Gina Diaz and Kristin Wingart are the founders of Glam Hair Extensions

Included in the founders and people who own Glam Hair Extensions. They are also the authors of the book, “The Flat Method” and online hair extension training course regarding professional hair stylists. His or her pioneering approach to tresses, makeup & photography offers won them popularity from peers as well as the best coiffed women and men from South Beach so that you can Malibu Beach.   Gina Diaz’ own uncomfortable and devastating knowledge led her on a remarkable personal process that took the girl into the world of salon & photo studio ownership. In early 2001, her very own hair was severely burned and busted when a chemical course of action in a local beauty salon went awry. Her the moment glorious hair extensions have been destroyed within an in of her hair and what was not broken off appeared to be the consistency with cotton candy. Traumatized by way of her loss, Gina traveled off to Atlanta to identify a solution to salvage the particular remains of the girl’s hair and the woman’s dignity.  Determined to support others avoid a similar disaster, Gina embarked for a quest to learn about tresses restoration, traveling the earth to study the most trusted, most effective techniques in hair extension technology. After finding out as much as she could possibly from the current market in addition to researching ways to improve the techniques, Diaz gradually developed her very own method called, A Flat Method.Gina Diaz is really a graduate of Nova Southeastern School with a Bachelor of Science degree. Any pioneer and chief in the beauty sector. Her clientele list involves Pamela Anderson, Richie Rich, Erykah Badu, Florida, Disk jockey Laz & Helio Castroneves, just to name a few.

I personally have never tried such crazy expensive hair extensions such as glam hair extensions.

I am quite familiar with the col press system and can tell you it is not new but old and bonded hair extensions will die from the market. Seamless hair extensions, clip on hair extensions and some samples of new types of hair extensions that have been sent to me buy a number of new up and coming manufactuereres are the future of hair extensions.

If you are an easy manipulated women more impressed in wasting money on the same level of hair extensions in a bad economy feel free. For more intelligent women save the money for a rainy day and get the same quality for less.

If any on our readers have actually spent thousands of dollars on glam hair extensions and wish to write a glam hair extensions reviews please do.

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