Affordable Hair Extensions

Interested in affordable hair extensions that you can do yourself! Find out how easy it really is…
If have been to the salon and spoken with a stylist they will tell you almost every time about how amazing Great Lengths hair extensions are and that bonded hair extensions are the way to go…affordable hair extensions
The truth is, that it is the way to go broke and hurt your hair. Great lengths hair extensions are generally over $1,000 and depending on the hourly rate of the stylist and the number of bundles you purchase in excess of $3,000 for hair extensions!

Think about what you could do with all that money if you knew the truth about affordable hair extensions kits.

Unfortunately, as much I love the stylists I have used it is in their best interest to tell you need the most expensive and for them the most time consuming hair extensions. What they are not telling you is the really important. Bonded hair extensions like great lengths do not last long, generally only 30-60 days. In addition to being the most expensive hair extensions that take forever to apply, you even have to pay to take them out. Many stylists are either in denial or simply have not tried seamless hair extensions yet.

Seamless hair extensions are the most affordable hair extensions out there!

I believe that the big misunderstanding with seamless affordable hair extensions are that the very first versions were of poor quality and the stylists that say the quality of hair is different or that they will damage you hair are just not educated on the truth.
The truth is, that seamless hair extensions are these 3 in long pieces of almost invisible tape with the exact same 100% remy human hair that you get from the expensive hair extensions companies. In addition to be a fraction of the cost, they are much easier to apply and remove and do no damage what so ever. The best part of all is that they last longer and if you go clip on hair extensions they can last for years if you take care of them.
There are a number of affordable hair extensions companies out there. Make sure that the quality of hair is 100% human hair and that they have the style and color you want. Also make sure that the seamless hair extensions kit comes with everything you need including tools and remover.
Feel free to contact me about any affordable hair extensions questions.