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So.Cap Hair Extensions Reviews, Ratings and Complaints

Dear Readers,

I have received a number of email requests asking about So.Cap hair extensions and hair extensions. To tell you the truth I had to do some research and ask some of my readers as I have never used So.cap hair extensions personally. They are a European company that is similar in their business model as Great Lengths hair extensions. They have very expensive classes to teach how to apply their bonded hair extensions in and then sell the hair in strands or bundles to the distributor/stylist. I have added some of their content about why they say that their hair extensions are so much better than anybody else including Greta lengths hair extensions, but they all say that. Here is some FAQs about So.Cap Hair Extensions.

Will So.Hat extensions damage my personal hair?

A. The actual So.Cap technological know-how ensure that there is no damage to your own hair. A strong at-home care sheet will likely be provided and gone over with you at your session. So.Cap functions absolutely NO glues, waxes, braids, knotting, or welding operations which very often severely damages hair!

If your hair is cared for, because demonstrated to you on your stylist, long-lasting, healthy, attractive hair will be obtained and maintained. The principle step in the at-home health care is brushing with a special brush. Flowing hair naturally sheds between 50-150 hairs a day. The hair inside the bond should have nowhere to go, as soon as shed. Brushing will allow the naturally eliminate hair to lay down and not get inter-mixed with the rest of your hair. That intermingling can cause tangling at the relationship, which can greatly boost the time it takes to eliminate the extensions.

What makes So.Cap Extensions “the best”?

A. There are many reasons And so.Cap is considered probably the greatest in the industry. So.Cover maintains the highest volume of integrity of the wild hair they sell by making it’s goods available only to Consequently.Cap trained plus certified technicians. Discover highly trained in the field of hair extensions, you cannot acquire the Consequently.Cap signature locks. (and yes, there is a massive difference).

With So.cap extentions the hair’s cuticle part is perfect, healthy, along with intact. Many measures are taken to make sure the hair maintains a normal of excellence. Including ensuring that all of the locks cuticle is arranged in one direction, completely clearing the extensions involving excessive tangling.


Readers, I must say that the difference between Socap hair extensions bundles and Great legnths and others is really minimal at best.  I know they market and market how great they are but hair extensions are hair extensins as long as they are truly 100% human hair extensions.

How long will certainly the So.Cap extensions last during my hair?

A. These extensions last anywhere out of 3-5 months. This all is determined by your natural curly hair and what the extension cords were put in intended for. A thicker tresses is going to last considerably longer than that of fine wild hair, due to the size of securities being used. Hair growth, pure shedding, color, solidity, and care are all things which determine the longevity of your extensions. Home-care servicing, if followed, ensures that you will maintain the wholesome, longest lasting extension cables for your hair.

If I am losing my curly hair.. Should I use Hence.Cap hair extensions?

Any. This would depend on the reason behind the hair loss. And so.Cap extensions are ideal for adding volume so that you can naturally thinning hair. We really do not recommend hair extensions pertaining to hair loss due to illness. You may need to wait some time to get most of these extensions, until you shall no longer be losing hair-this could be resulting from pregnancy, medications, stress, etc. During the assessment, your hair will be studied and your concerns concerning hair loss will be talked over.

Is the hair not easy to style or control?

A. The hair contains a beautiful texture, which is absolutely gorgeous. All these extensions deliver the “wash and go” freedom while looking such as you spent your time from it. The hair is VERY simply blown straight, with little effort at all which enables it to be worn in a style you wish, whilst holding its contour (no more curls this fall flat!!) In case you have wavy, very ugly or straight tresses the extensions is usually customized by precisely ordering the texture regarding hair you need in addition to incorporating it with your color and ideal end result. The hair is very easy to manage and isn’t at all high preservation. Any style it is possible to achieve with healthy hair you can also use the extensions.

All in all I know Socap is a mega huge hair extensions company just like Great lengths hair extensions.  They put a lot of money into convincing syltists their bionded hair extensions are the best and then trian the stylists to market to their clients.  I am not a believer, clip in hair extensions rule!  So easy and so much cheaper.  If you want them to stay on a semi permanent basis try seamless hair extensions!


Please add as much info as you can about Socap hair extensions reviews, ratings, complaints of even trainings.


  1. This specific last Monday My spouse and i flew down to Are generally to take the So Cover USA class. The course was pricey, $1650 which included the kit along with lunch. They superior feed us to the kind of money!

    I have been doing hair extensions and even wearing them for about 16 years now and I have attended at the least a dozen, in less, of extension sessions. I really enjoyed this class. They seemed at with the info they will gave out on different topics like the incredible importance of clean sectioning, safe duration to wear extensions, etc.

    So, the first few several hours were a ‘lecture’ about extension theory, placement, care, etc. Right after lunch we do the hands on training with mannequin mind. The instructors did demos and then critiqued us once we worked.

    So Cover is doing the traditional ‘rolled’ relationship and their version with the flat wrap. They will instructed us to slice 1/2 of the keratin off the rule before installation. Evidently it’s not necessary for a safeguarded bond and just is the attachment bulky. Many people stress that the folded bond should not be just about any bigger than a almond of rice.

    This So Cap unit is a fusion metal connected to this electric machine. It calibrates the actual temperature to ensure a safe and secure bond. The synthesis iron must be the right temperature, if it is way too hot or far too cool you will not receive a secure, lasting connection. The temperature that they’re aiming for is between 100-130 degrees Celsius.

    So, if you heat the tip while using machine (for 5 parts) the glue isn’t going to liquify, it just softens and then you can mold it into condition. By far the easiest sizzling fusion method I’ve ever worked with. It also isn’t going to burn your fingertips.

    For the flat place, there is a specialized data compression tool to mold the bond into that will nice, smooth, level shape.

    Today, within my salon I did install some So Hat on one of my own clients. I really liked the ease of working with the idea. In fact, one of the trainers stated that the product is so easy and durable to utilize, that you could probably bust all the rules connected with application and still obtain a durable lasting relationship.

    On the down side, people did admit in which on some people, despite if 4 months of damage, the removal can be challenging. On some people, a glue just does not want to break down with the cleaner solution. They say it is deemed an exception, and not the ordinary experience to expect.

    Their remover solution is generally alcohol, but it also offers listed another factor that surprised me: sodium hydroxide! Employing main ingredient in many of the straighteners pertaining to ethnic hair types. I don’t know how or perhaps why they put that into the remover serum.

    So, at this point I think So Cap possesses potential to be a great product to use at my salon. I will must do 2-3 full heads and also take downs before I give my ultimate verdict though.

    • Thanks so much for the very detailed information about So.cap hair extensions trainings. I see they do teach a lot, but that is a large investment for hair extensions that in my opinion can damage hair. I am just not a fan of bonded hair extensions I guess.

  2. I have lived in England prior to moving to NYC 2 years ago. In Europe So.Cap hair extensions are considered to be the best hair extensions available. They are even better than Great Lengths hair extensions.

    Since I came to the NYC I have learned the truth, that they all buy their hair from more or less the same places and that bonded hair extensions companies. I also learned first hand about bonded hair extensions and how you can get hair damage from them as they are heavy and if you leave them in too long you will lose some hair.

    I use clip in hair extensions now, they are so much cheaper, easy to use and no damage to my hair,

    Sonya from NYC

    • Thanks for your Socap Hair Extensions Reviews. I can totally relate

  3. I have been a registered So.cap stylist for 8 years and use So.capusa hair extensions exclusively for my clients. I own a high end salon in California and can tell you their is a difference in hair extensions quality. I have used Great lengths hair extensions and Socap hair extensions and Socap is better.

    I know that many of you that read this simply cannot afford the best hair extensions and must use clip in hair extensions but Socap hair extensions are the best

    • Thanks you for your Socap Hair extensions review. I can see that you are a real professional and work specifically with the high end clientele. Unfortunately, in this economy most women are financially tight and want great hair extensions with out spending thousands. Either way thanks for you input.

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  5. I want to know why Great lengths gets so much attention. All I hear are over priced marketing for women who ave been manipulated to believe great lengths hair extensions are some made out of different hair then the other companies.