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As with most women I love hair!  I have always seemed to want.  Since I was a little girl I dreamed of having a full head of gorgeous sexy hair.  Now as with many things in life, some of us are not given quite as much as we would have hoped.

I discovered hair extensions when I was in college and my roommate at the time was a hair dresser.

We were talking about how those Hollywood starlets all seem to have these amazing heads of hair.  I mean how can all of them have a full head of hair and be skinny, have perfect boobs and be pretty.  She told me the Hollywood secret!  They all have some sort of hair extensions.

From that point on I was hooked. I did my research on hair extensions. I found out the different types of hair extensions like clip on hair extensions, tape hair extensions, glue hair extensions and even the crazy expensive great lengths hair extensions. I did research on the different companies, grades of hair, lengths and even colors.

Hair extensions have been my passion for many years.

The more I learn about them the more I want to share my knowledge with the world about Hair extensions. People need to know the pros and cons of hair extensions, the benefits of each style of hair extensions and most importantly the costs, how to apply them and where to buy them online to save time and money.

I have personally tried almost every type and brand of hair extension in my life and can save you some time, money and damaged hair if you are interested. It is important to note that these companies simply want to sell hair extensions. The hair dressers want you to think it costs way more per strip or per tip than they really do. Many times the hair extension are sold at a + hair when in fact they are not. There are also types of hair extension that one can do by ones self with a little help from a friend or family member that cost a fraction of that of using a professional with pre-bonded hair extension tips.

If you love hair and want to save money and get amazing hair extensions then you are at the right blog!