Hair Extensions Complaints #1


A Compilation of Hair Extensions Complaints from our Readers

Hair Extensions Complaints


Dear Claudia,

After reading your article about Great Lengths hair extensions, i felt obligated to write my story to you. My girlfriend has been a hair stylist for many years. Her salon recently went through the great lengths hair extensions training and when she was great lengths certified she showed me her great lengths hair extensions and told me how great i would look and how amazing they were. When I asked about the cost she would tell me she would give me a 20% off discount of the salon and she would do the application for only 40$ an hour.

I saw all her amazing hair, I saw the rings of hair extensions colors to choose from and everyone in the salon would not shut up about how amazing great lengths was. So, I sign up and order the extensions. I had wanted 10 bundles but they told me it was not enough for my head I needed 15 and the price went up 33%. I imagined it would take an hour or two to apply the great lengths hair extensions but it took almost 6 hours. I know I was one of my friend’s first clients but should I have to pay for her learning?

Anyways I paid almost $1200 for the great lengths hair extensions and I can tell you I hated them. They were so heavy, they pulled on my scalp. It felt like someone was pulling my hair all day. I even got headaches. I was told they last for months…but after almost 6 weeks they looked like crap.

I thought or imagined I could simply take them out not knowing I would have to pay my friend another 40$ an hour for 4 hours to take them out, and when they were finally out chunks of my own hair came out with the great lengths hair extensions.

My advise to any lady reading this, don’t buy into the hype about great lengths hair extensions. I have some clip in hair extensions that I love and I have had them over a year and they look great.


  1. This clip in hair extensions hair is the best hair extensions that i have ever used, it hardly tangles and does not shed. I have used simply extensions clip in hair extensions for the past 6 months and its still full . Many people ask me were i get my clip in hair extensions from or is it my own hair, i love that. The more natural the better , ill never use store bought hair again , because simply extensions clip in hair extensions last .

  2. I really enjoyed your hair extensions review blog. I learned a lot about clip in hair extensions and about how to be very careful of those great lengths hair extensions. my Sister got some great lengths hair extensions and paid like $1500 for them and she hated them. I passed this hair extensions review blog onto her and hopefully she has learned her lesson.

  3. I totally agree with you i’ve done Socap hair extensions and great lengths hair extensions for 5 years look fabulous firm tips silky hair but messy on roots its does pull out our own hair from roots and tangle on roots together its a mess after 8weeks i then have to pay over 1500$$for just 8weeks had to remove hair extensions it. tape are better extension way cheaper less damage do no do keratin!!!i did it for years my hair is thin damaged !!1i now go with new tech tape its fab only cost $800 first time then only cost me 200$4every 3months hair always look good and clean

  4. Hairgirl

    I am a Great lengths hair extensions certified stylist and my mouth dropped when I read that anyone would EVER need 10-15 bundles. That is absolutely unheard of and had I not continued to read the rest of the post I could have told you that it would be heavy and you would have hair loss. There is absolutely no reason for that many bundles no matter how much hair you have or how short it it. This is why it is very important you go to a experienced stylist preferably someone who specializes in great lengths hair extensions and has done them for a while. The hair extensions education is key. Just because someone took a class doesn’t mean they have a clue what they are doing, and in the end it’s your hair that is on the line.
    I have worn Great lengths hair extensions for 5 years and I have platinum blonde hair. I wore them just for fullness in the beginning and have done them for long length to. But before I ever had extensions in I had slot of breakage from lightening my hair and decided to get the Great lengths hair extensions to add fullness. 3 months later I took them out and noticed my hair began to grow on the sides and it seemed stronger, so I did them again.. Another 3 months later I actually had long hair on my sides. I loved Great lengths hair extensions so much I went and got trained in them because it was life changing for me. But I will tell you. Application is key and the reason people have breakage from extensions usually has everything to do with application. A lot of times stylists don’t want to cut the bonds in half to make them smaller because is it double the work for them, but I will tell you that if your stylist takes their time and is a patient person who can handle taking small sections that match the density of your hair… You will be a very happy client. Do your research on what stylist you decide to go with because you want someone who is more focused on the integrity of your hair and the future rather than how much $ your spending.

  5. I agree, clip in extensions are the best as you can become your own hair stylist (need not pay to get them fixed,you can do it yourself),besides they give you a lot of freedom and most are made with small clips that grab a bit of your hair and then have small fasteners so that the extensions stay in place. You can easily brush them without having to take them out. However look for ones made from human hair as they can blend easily with your natural hair.

  6. I would like more information about Jessica Simpson hair extensions by Hairdo. My friend bought some clip in Jessica Simpson extensions and they lasted only 6 months. You say Simply Extensions clip in extensions last for years if properly cared for please explain.

  7. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheered me up! Thanks a ton

  8. My hair looks great after I used the products of recommended.

  9. poisondoll

    Hi, I have had many different sets of extensions throughout my life and so a few months ago I decided to pay more than the usual in hopes of getting a decent pair of extensions. I purchased a set of the 160gram deluxe Luxy hair extensions. I was happy with them at first but after a short while the extensions tangled and matted up and it looked like a bird’s nest at the back of my head. They did not remain good quality for long even though I took good care of them. I am tired of spending money on extensions that are either poor quality or tangle really badly. I was considering purchasing the Dollie hair extensions and was wondering if you would have any feedback/reviews about them especially anything negative as I really need new extensions as soon as possible that won’t turn to rubbish or tangle really badly. Even if there is another brand of extensions which are really good and affordable that you could recommend. Thanks for your help and any suggestions.

    • I can totally relate! I have been burned a few times and other times just over spent! I have never heard of those Dollie hair extensions. If you do buy them please send back a hair extensions review. My personal favorite are thee Simply Extensions ones.

  10. I have used so many different hair extensions brands like great lengths hair extensions and it’s really hard to find the right one out there. I tried fusion hair extensions a couple of times. One time the glue showed and it was visible if I had it too high on my head, another time the hair quality wasn’t great.
    My new purchase was from this online site Simply, all their hair is remy hair. I’ve read a lot on remy hair and really wanted to try it out as it doesn’t tangle and is the highest grade. So far so good and its been a month. The price is awesome compared to retail, OMG. That’s probably why I decided to try it out, Remy hair and great prices. I’ll try to leave another feedback in a couple of months.

  11. As a professional hair replacement specialist I have applied extensions in various forms for over 20 years now and the one thing I can say is that they all have draw backs. Clip-ins CAN cause hair loss, I currently have several clients with small bald spots where the clips had rubbed away the hair follicles, Remy hair is not necessarily tangle free, in fact I think many companies are packaging “Remy” hair that is not cuticle correct.
    While I am a great fan of extensions I do believe it is best to work with a seasoned professional that has the integrity to say “NO!” when necessary. Not all hair can take the stress that ALL hair extensions place on the hair. In fact, sometimes a wig looks better and does less damage than extensions do.
    My best advice is to use good critical thinking, ask questions and get references before you choose a professional, and if you choose to do it yourself, use caution, don’t use clip ins day after day, and take good care of your existing hair.

    • Thanks for the great clip in hair extensions reviews advice. I wear them frequently but not every day and I always recommend taking them out at night. I have never personally seen any hair loss from the ones I use but I am careful. The bonded keratin style is where I lost hair personally.

  12. alleincali

    I have had 4 bad experiences and only one good one. The good experience was with kertin bond hair that never changed quality. Never asked what brand the hair was though. When I tried balmain tape-in ones they slid out easy and changed quality right after shampooing. I tried Fierce by Isis weft hair that also deteriorated, but a bit slower. The wefts matted but I was able to keep the hair in for a month. I recently tried microlinks, but again the brand was cheap so the hair is now much frizzier (didn’t ask the brand). I like the microlinks but am worried my hair may be damaged. I am wondering what you think of “Him and her” brand hair, Hairlocs, and also the Hair Shop’s 909 and 808 I-tip hair? Is there a brand of tape-in extensions that is considered the highest quality? And lastly, is keratin bond hair usually the nicest hair?

    • Thanks so much for all of your hair extensions reviews. I few of those I have not tried. I know some of the cheaper tape in hair extensions can slide out with the wrong type of shampoo. The Simply Extensions ones I love work great and don’t slide out although they do have some advise about what types of shampoos to use and what not to use. If the hair extensions are too cheap then you usually get what you pay for fortunately. I will ask the readers and see what they say…

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