Great Lengths Hair Extensions Reviews

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Reviews

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Why it becomes popular?

Great lengths hair extensions are considered as the leader premium hair extension that is being used and loved by women worldwide. The said company has been going over for several years already and remains to be popular ever since before. The reason behind it becomes popular is because they only use the finest 100 percent human hair of guaranteed and ethnicity.

Now, you might be wondering why is the hair used by Great Lengths are so much better compared to other extension companies? Well, this is because Great Lengths hair extensions use Indian Temple hair in order to make their extensions. To be able to find out why this kind of hair type is so much popular, let’s take a look of the following explanations.

With Great Lengths hair extensions you will be guaranteed that their hair extensions being used will achieve the glamorous and sophisticated look that you want to have. Aside from this, they also produce more than 55 hair colors so there’s no doubt that your hair extensions will match your natural color and simply what you’ve already got. We cannot deny the fact most women who struggles to grow her hair past a certain length or lacks of volume wanted to have Great Lengths hair extension.
How Effective Is Great Hair Lengths Extensions?

There may be people who have some doubts that their hair extensions can damage their existing hair. But keep in mind that with Great Lengths hair extensions this issue will not become your problem. It is because the specially formulated bonds that are attached to your own hair in a way that is kind to your scalp and are practically undetectable to others. There is also no trauma when removing the hair extensions either as they can be taken out anytime you want and do not even cause any damage to your own hair.

If you have to compared Great Lengths hair extensions to other methods, you will find out that this contain original method application that is gentle and non-damaging. This new method of application is called modulating in which keratin is used to bond the hair extension to your hair. Keratin has a molecular composition which is similar to that of real hair. The good thing about the bonds used by Great Lengths hair extensions specialists is that unlike other glue-gun methods, they do not leave any deposits of residue on the hair; they can be removed easily without fuss and rarely fall out. You can also expect your Great Length extensions to last up to five months depending on the hair type and style.

So, if you really want to ensure the safety of your hair extension and want to enhance your natural beauty with a brand new look then it should be better to go for Great Lengths hair extensions. If also you struggle to grow your hair and are constantly willing it to grow, be thicker or have more volume then Great Lengths hair extensions could be for you to provide all the things that you aim to have a great looking hair.

Great lengths hair extensions for some reason seem to polarize my readers. We have some that swear up and down the street that they are the best hair extension ever made and worth every penny, and unfortunately many others that feel they were taken advantage of. To buy great lengths hair extensions is very difficult, the prices are marked up considerably and the time to apply and remove them can be extraordinary. There have been many Great lengths hair extensions complaints about damaging hair especially if you keep them in too long.

If you have your own consumer reviews of great lengths hair extensions we welcome them.


  1. Claudia,
    My name is Corinne and I have been doing extensions for the past 20 years. I came up with extensions when there was no brand names, just hair. There is so much about hair extensions that you don’t seem to have knowledge of such as Great Lengths indian hair being better than other hair because it comes from the idian temple (that was their marketing tactic). The indian girls that give their hair at the temple do not have better hair than the ones that sell their hair outside the temple. Also the mass production of hair will always bring the quality down to it’s absolute lowest point, which means that all the company’s that produce hair on a mass scale will be the lowest quality you can buy whether it be Great Lengths or So Cap does not matter much. Custom extensions with no name made individually for the client (and yes it is very expensive) is totally worth it because of the beautiful and natural results you achieve. And if you’ve ever had that kind of hair in your head you can never go back to the cheap hair.

    • Corinne,

      It is funny to me. I have a another blogger that was of the top sales reps for Great lengths. Without getting her in trouble she taught their classes. She explained in great detail how false this is. Have you personally been to the temples. Are you aware how many girls marry per year and how many bundles are created? Simple mathematics prove that great lengths hair extensions uses hair from multiple locations just like other companies.

      Yes there is cheap hair extensions, and there are great extensions that buy their hair from the EXACT same places as Great lengths hair Extensions or Socap hair extensions.
      Please note that the marketing genius of great lengths is coming up with much cheaper tape in hair extensions to compete with Simply Extensions seamless hair extensions.

  2. Buenas tardes estoy interesada en comprar las extensiones great lenghts yo me encuentro en Venezuela

    • La verdad es que Gret Lengths extenciones de pelo es puro marketing. To voy a mandar un email de una compania super mejor. Los precios mejor, la calidad mejor y aplication 10 veces mas facil.