Do I Need Hair Extensions: Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

hair extensions pros and cons

Are Hair Extensions for you? Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

If you have always craved for long lustrous hair but could never grow it beyond the shoulder length, then hair extensions are for you. In such cases real or synthetic hair is attached to your scalp giving an illusion that it’s actually your hair itself. This process is simple and 100% effective thanks to the clip on hair extension and seamless hair extension. However, everything is not hunky dory about hair extensions.

There are many pros and cons of hair extensions that have been discovered over period of time,

The biggest pro that actually draws millions to resorting to Hair Extension kits is the fact that by doing this, one adds instant length and volume to your hair. The strands of the hair extension can actually be matched to your original hair making it look absolutely natural. Thanks to these hair extensions, within a few hours, you can absolutely change the way you look.
If you’re genetically blessed with thin and bad quality hair, then a lot can actually be camouflaged with the help of these hair extensions. These hair extensions actually ensure that you have instant volume to your otherwise limp hair.
On the other hand, the biggest problem of hair extension is that they are freakingly expensive. The fact that hair extensions need to be replaced every few month’s makes it even more expensive than before. All these factors together make it a costly proposition.
Another con of using hair extensions is that, as they are made with artificial and synthetic strands, they might look unreal. No matter how hard you may try, there will be a difference that makes one look gross and unnatural. Moreover a lot of hair extensions are fixed using glue on the scalp that may lead to hair loss and even alopecia.
Hence, before you head to the beauty expert for hair extensions ensure that you have taken care of the various pros and cons of hair extensions already discussed.


  1. I totally agree with the use of hair extensions, I am having them since the past 15 years and I cannot see myself without them. In my opinion hair extensions are the best beauty element.